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Hi, I’m Teresa Park

I have over a decade of experience advising Fortune 500 companies in marketing and business. I’ve coached hundreds of Latina women on how to create an impactful, meaningful and memorable life and business.

I teach Latina women how to live life to their fullest with my two courses, Diseña tu Vida y Diseña tu Negocio, one on one coaching and the mujeres del futuro community.

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Design your Life

It starts with having clarity and purpose in life. That’s why I created Diseña tu Vida, a course that teaches you how to live your life to it’s fullest potential.

Take your life to the next level!

Design your Business

Build a thriving and profitable business in this course. When there’s freedom, clarity and purpose in your life, you’ll naturally want to create financial abundance. Join successful entrepreneurs in my course, Diseña tu Negocio, and learn about building the business of your dreams.

Create a business you love!

Join the Women of the Future group

Are you looking for a safe and supportive space for Latinas to come together? Are you interested in learning more about life, family, communication, leadership, and how to build a business? If so, join the hundreds of Latinas that are supporting each other in a healing space of belonging.

Join Latina women in a healing space of belonging.

Coaching with Teresa

Everyone’s journey is unique. Often times, a partnership with a coach can accelerate growth and help you breakthrough to a new level. I’m available for coaching and looking forward to meeting you.

Grow to your fullest potential.

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Do you want to maximize the full potential of your life and business? Sign up for my free workshops and learn best practices in marketing, emotional intelligence and leadership.

These free workshops are, well… FREE! Spots always fill up, so register now for my next Free Workshop.

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Success Stories

See what people are saying about Teresa

I am so blessed to have had the chance to hear her speak. Definitely professional. Very kind and lots of knowledge.

Judith M.

Thank you for being the inspiration and motivation for my transformation.

Cristina A.

Teresa is very well prepared. Her knowledge has helped me propel by business forward. I admire her strength.

Gaby R.

Her powerful seminar Design your Life helped lots of people grow and transform their lives. She also created a community of creative and business minded people that support each other.

Lucia H.

I loved the seminar Design your Life. It was a unique experience. Teresa is an incredible human being. She gave us strategies to be ourselves and create amazing things for the world.

Alondra C.

Outstanding work by Teresa Park always delivered with excellence.

Velia L.

I had the privilege of going to multiple seminars by Teresa Park and every single one of them has been exquisite. I am in awe of her strength, knowledge and energy delivered in such a professional manner.

Viviana L.

The universe conspires to find the right person and put them on our way. She is a woman that inspires love, sweetness, calmness, wisdom, and discipline in everything she does.

Mariana B.

Do you want a better life? Listen to her, follow her and put into practice her advice. It has worked 100% in me designing my life.

Marilú M.

Teresa Park is the best! I’ve been working with her for some time and my personal life as well as my business has propelled forward thanks to her strategies.

Judith E.

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